Indianapolis– first timer

IMG_9311 This past weekend I was in Indianapolis for a convention. Yes, we took over the city!

It was my first time there, not sure what to expect. I was surprised at the charm, the restaurants, how close everything was to our conference venue and how easy it was to find my way around.

I got to eat at three restaurants that were highly recommended by locals. When I am in a new place, I love to do research and eat where the locals recommend. I had steak, halibut and I tried a Paleo-Influenced hot spot for their amazing lunch.

I even had an hour photoshoot at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in the center of the city. The waterfalls and great architecture were stunning backdrops for photos. I chatted with my shuttle driver about the city. I met a friend for a run down the Canal and ran past the NCAA Hall of Fame. I went to a local and eclectic coffee shop. It rained a little, but I enjoyed the weather as it wasn’t too hot or too stormy.

I’ll be back again next year.

My recommendations for visiting new cities- soak up the sights, chat with the locals, eat where the locals would (stay away from the chains) and enjoy the culture and feeling of a new city!

Indy you treated me well and I was pleasantly surprised by your beauty, hospitality, charm and all that you had to offer!

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