I did this for me!


IMG_3957Do you ever get sick of feeling ugh? Or you know that you have felt better and you really want to get back to THAT feeling?

That’s how I felt this winter. I didn’t know it at the time, but my thyroid levels were off. I had months of weight gain, decrease of energy, constant chills and really messed up digestion. After trying many things on my own with food, workouts, etc…I decided to get my thyroid levels checked and low and behold they were elevated. I have been on a synthroid for two years and figured I was good and regulated, but I learned that things can change.

At the time of my medication increasing, I also decided to “Go-all-in” and devote three weeks (post vacation) to really kicking some bad habits. Yes, it was a stricter regimen- a laid out meal plan, supplements to help my body naturally detox and add back in good bacteria after. I ate Vegan for over 14 days. It helped to kick the funk that had snuck in over the winter. After the three weeks, I felt back to ME.

The point of me writing this blog entry is to say that I get what it’s like to be in a funk. I am not perfect with workouts and eating. I too struggle at times. I however, have learned to say “enough is enough” and I know when I need to buckle down. That discipline has come to me over time. I have weighed 40 more pounds and refuse to go back in that direction. I have worked WAY too hard over the years. I will not buy new clothes because I can’t fit into mine — been there and done that. Now it’s hopping back on when I fall off, recognizing why I fall off, and making a PLAN. Not only making the plan, but then doing and finding an accountability person to make sure I stay on-track.

So if you are stuck in a rut, make a START date. Tell yourself no more excuses. Figure out your plan- kick the sugar, eat vegan for a week, cut out dairy and all processed foods, do something to shake it up and dial it in! You can say no to social events for a week, or just eat before you go and pass on the food and the wine. It’s not like you  need to live strictly forever, you are just doing it FOR YOU. To feel good again, to know that you have control over food and food doesn’t have control over you. You sometimes need to cut emotional eating out all together and re-teach yourself some new habits.

We can form new habits, we just  need to re-wire our brain and keep doing and then new behaviors will be in place! Then it’s super motivating to keep them up. They may need re-tweaking again down-the-road, but that’s ok! Health journeys have ups and downs but the important thing is we are always TRYING. There’s no perfect, just PROGRESS!

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