What is Shakeology?

It is an ALL NATURAL meal replacement shake that helps with cravings, gives more energy, and can help with weight loss because you are getting the nutrients you need versus craving bad foods all day. It will help to keep you full, and give you a healthy meal that has vitamins, probiotics and 70 superfoods (more nutrients than in your food alone). I was NOT into taking a supplement, and thought I could get all my nutrients in food alone, but I was open to giving it a try and can share my testimony as you read on.

What I have noticed since drinking it:

  1. Natural Energy- we need it as busy Moms, wives, employees, etc…
  2. Improved Digestion- my IBS is cured
  3. Clear, soft and hydrated skin
  4. No more sugar cravings– since my body is getting what I NEED vs. what I crave
  5. Muscle repair from workouts- I recover quicker
  6. A healthy breakfast on-the-go that’s filling and not filled with sugar
  7. Love that I can tweak the flavors by changing out my frozen fruit or changing which flavor I am drinking that month– I never get bored
  8. I bring them with when I travel so I am guaranteed a healthy meal each day
  9. I do not need to take vitamins or probiotics– it’s all in there!
  10. Immunity- I have not been sick since I started drinking it and used to get a yearly bronchitis infection

Shakeology is nutrient dense, with super greens, super fruits, prebiotics and probiotics, amino acids, anti-oxidants, digestive enzymes, adaptogen herbs (protects body from stress and boots endocrine system) and NOTHING artificial.

VEGAN shakes are 100% lactose, dairy and soy free and use a brown rice protein.

I understand that for some people $129 for a bag of “powder” is a lot… but it is NOT just a “protein powder” it is a MEAL supplement. It is packed with over 70 different superfoods, and if you tried to make your own it would cost over $700! For example, there is one shot of wheat grass in every scoop… for a tub of wheat grass at the store it is $45!

It is SO easy for people to spend $4-5 on a coffee, or $8-10 on a lunch, $200 on a purse. why? But what if you paid for a healthy breakfast for a month up front? Some people are scared of the monthly total cost, but don’t realize that you are getting a meal a day for thirty days. Go calculate your monthly expenses on coffee and lunches/dinners and see how it compares… and then see how good those items were for your body.

If you’re going to COMPARE… dig deeper than cost, calories and carbs! (There is also a sampler pack of 7 packets you can try before committing to the big 30-day bag). Contact me for more info!

Is it Organic? 

The shakes actually can’t be labeled non-gmo because of the way the ingredients are sourced from so many different places. Same reason why it isn’t technically labeled “certified organic” It IS harvested from an ORGANIC source. But if you’re wondering why they’re not labeled “organic”, you may then ask why its not “certified organic.” So know this…off the record, everything in Shakeology IS absolutely organic, from start to finish. However, to CERTIFY the over >>70 ingredients<< in Shakeology organic (the difference is that you are paying a very dear price for that “Certified Organic” label) it would literally jack the price of Shakeology to that near of a small monthly mortgage. Beachbody has put farmers, the crops, the import process and the manufacturing procedures to the highest of organic standards. But, it would truly be unrealistic to certify all 70 ingredients and keep Shakeology at a price we could afford. Additionally, as an after note, even something certified, doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it is. So why spend ALL the extra money for the label? Mainly to pad the FDA’s pockets…

What about the Protein?

If you have read some labels on the protein drinks on the shelf, you know there are a lot of variables. All proteins are not created equal. Some research here is also needed to make sense of it all. No sense in wasting good money if your body cannot utilize the protein to the fullest, right?

Beachbody says NO to soy. 

Do the competitors use any soy in their formulation? The health benefits and effects of soy have been a hot topic for the past few years. Soy protein contains estrogen-mimicking compounds that can interfere with your hormones. To add insult to injury, almost all soybeans on the market are GMO (genetically modified), most likely made by Monsanto, one of the evilest companies on the planet.

There are two very good reasons why Beachbody does not use soy in Shakeology. They feel that people are eating too much soy in the name of health and possibly causing the body to produce too much estrogen which can create adverse reactions physiologically. There is a lot of data out there to support this, so feel free to look into it yourself. You might be shocked by what you find regarding soy consumption.

Easily absorbed? 

If you see “more absorbable”, use caution. Certain protein sources can cause a much higher insulin response than others. Whey Protein Hydrolysate, for example. That is bad in any scenario, but especially in a health shake. One of the goals when developing Shakeology was to make sure it was low on the glycemic index and it is.

Shakeology use whey protein isolate, which is 90% pure protein. Shakeology also comes packed with with digestive enzymes, including lactase. Lactase is the catalyze the breakdown of lactose, a very important function. That is why lactose intolerant folks love Shakeology. Remember, whey protein concentrate is not “isolate”. Whey protein concentrate is has the lowest purity level. Why is “isolate” important. What makes it “isolate” is the removal of fat. Animal fat is where you find toxins and we’d like that left out.

Beachbody scrutinizes the source of each protein batch to make sure it is as clean and pure as possible. If they find a manufacturer has taken a short cut by procuring protein from farms that are using hormones and other non-organic practices, they will find a new source. This level of dedication to quality is what sets Beachbody apart. Other companies just check off a list of what they want in the can and the ingredients could come from anywhere. After using Shakeology, you will feel the difference.

Glycemic index tested.

I mentioned the Glycemic index earlier. Most protein shakes can claim 1g or less of sugar because they use artificial chemical sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, or sugar alcohols. Shakeology has just a tiny amount of sugar from natural sources which our body can easily process. Shakeology was tested and certified independently and rated a Low Glycemic Index of 24. Most fruit is higher on the index than Shakeology.

How Much is “Enough”?

Shakeology has 70 plus ingredients. Incredibly, they are all derived from whole food sources.

Many other products tout a magic ingredient. Often this powerful compound has been isolated from the enzymes and phytonutrients that is needed to make it effective when consumed. Many companies put together a list of the latest super nutrients and have another company manufacture the formula without any regard to how they interact with each other and what they need to be effectively absorbed and used by your body. There is zero synergy between the ingredients and often they are rendered benign by the manufacturing process.

Shakeology was carefully formulated so that there is synergistic benefits from the combination of ingredients. So powerful that many people report huge positive changes in the first week they use Shakeology. Not only weight loss, but tangible health benefits; regularity, energy, vigor!

The Top 8 Shakeology Benefits

  1. Shakeology lowers your risk of heart disease and diabetes. It significantly lowers your blood pressure and blood sugar levels because its ingredients are rich in antioxidants and rank low on the glycemic index scale. Thus, with a glycemic index rating of just 24, the Shakeology meal replacement shake increases your levels of glycogen and allows more fat to be burned. As a result, heart disease is prevented and your blood sugar and insulin levels are kept stable without dangerous spikes or crashes.
  2. Shakeology keeps your immune system healthy. With green and red “superfoods” like Goji berry, Acai berry, Camu-camu, and wheatgrass, Shakeology helps to combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals which threaten to wreck havoc on our bodies and contribute to the aging process. Oxidative stress is the culprit behind many degenerative diseases like cancer and arthritis.
  3. It promotes digestive health. The shakeology has prebiotics that promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut, helping to improve digestive function. Thanks to Shakeology, your bowel movement becomes more regular, ensuring that your body gets rid of the garbage that it does not need. Disease is prevented as a result, and some participants of an independent study on the efficacy of Shakeology have reported that they have weaned themselves off their colitis medications.
  4. Shakeology helps to promote muscle growth and development, and it facilitates the faster healing of wounds. It has proteins and amino acids from whole food sources that ensure quicker muscle repair and the formation of new muscles.
  5. It helps with those trying to lose weight. Because the Shakeology cleanse frees the body of toxins, it brings back the body’s state of equilibrium. As a result, the system can now function more efficiently to further get rid of excess weight. Moreover, since it has a low glycemic index rating and is nutrient-dense, this beverage reduces cravings significantly, preventing you from unnecessary snacking.
  6. Shakeology promotes mental clarity and focus. It also reduces the incidence of migraines and headaches in those who suffer from these conditions chronically.
  7. Drinking Shakeology contributes to healthier skin, nails and hair. Hair is more lustrous, skin is smoother, and nails become stronger by just drinking one glass a day. This can be attributed to Shakeology’s protein and amino acid content.
  8. The last of the Shakeology benefits I’ll cover is the overall feelings of wellness and increased energy, attributable to its vitamin and mineral content. Many people have reported significant increases in their energy levels after adding Shakeology to their diet.

Want to do your own research?

Want to know how to differentiate Shakeology from other shakes- simply look at another product and see if they have these 3 ingredients- soy or soy lecithin, artificial flavors or artificial sweetener; if so, beware as it it’s not optimal for your health. ALSO, know that we are not comparing carbs, proteins and fats when looking to determine what is healthier… we are comparing what’s listed AFTER the ingredients. I stand by this product because it contains 70 superfoods and nothing artificial (no soy or soy lecithin). 

Watch this video on where the Shakeology ingredients come from. Head to “Contact Me” page if you’d like to inquire more about Shakeology and how it’s changed my life!