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The Quarantine Rollercoaster

I think quarantine time can be compared to a roller coaster 🎢 for most of us (if I had to generalize). Days are fine and you have found a groove and then all of a sudden you have an off day that hits you like a ton of bricks.

It’s hard to explain, it doesn’t have ration. But grief of life as we knew it is what’s happening. And it’s OK to let yourself feel both sides of the spectrum. Grief has stages. I fought myself for feeling guilty about missing things because I know there are far worse things others are going through, but I truly believe in order to cope and deal you just have to let yourself have the swings and not feel guilty. This is affecting you and your life in your own way.

Yes we can feel grateful— and still miss certain things. ❤️

Yes we can appreciate the time with our family— but still get overwhelmed by their constant presence.❤️

Yes we can be hopeful— but also worry about the unknown. ❤️

Yes we can help others— but still need to find ways to fill our own cups too. ❤️

It’s confusing. It’s a lot. We’ve never done this before. ❤️

Today I was grateful for an Easter where my boys seemed happy, and we made the best of not seeing our extended family like previous Easters. We had a great weekend and spent all day outside yesterday. I talked to neighbors from our yards and took a run. It was nice.

But then it hit me tonight- what I wouldn’t do to have it be our typical Easter traditions with extended family. Or how I miss baseball season, and watch this guy in his element. I wouldn’t even complain about washing those darn white pants full of stains lol. I wouldn’t complain about a rainy tournament or dragging my wagon to the ball park. What I wouldn’t do to see my favorite people, make plans and hug them in person. These waves of emotions can hit hard. So when they do, I learn to lean in and do some self-care (yoga, meditation, walking outside to get fresh air and breathe), or talk to a friend.

This situation sure brings perspective. We will never take certain things for granted coming out of it. It will leave a mark on everyone. But we will be OK.

What’s one thing you’d give anything to be able to do?

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