Goal Digger Momma

Where are my fellow lady Goal Diggers at? 🙋🏻

I was raised by a Mom who was what I call a Goal Digger!

You see, my bad@ss Momma, was a nurse for over 25 years. She worked overnights at the hospital when I was a baby, then all through elementary school and into junior high she worked in a clinic as a pediatric nurse. She also took on overnights some weekends at the hospital to earn extra money for our family- which meant skipping sleep and sometimes working 6 days a week. She worked A LOT. She couldn’t come to sporting events, she wasn’t home when I got off the bus— but I never ever once doubted the Mom that she was or her love for me, nor felt like I didn’t get to see her! It’s funny how “mom-guilt” is such a term we use these days, but I was not raised in a house where that term existed. I believe we use it to let our fears get the best of it- it’s an easy out to say we CAN”T do certain things because our kids need us 24/7. What if we threw that aside and went after what we wanted and showed our kids we can be present AND work on our goals (income, fulfilling something we are passionate about, etc..)? I know we want to be at all of our kiddo things, and I can relate– but my boys don’t say a peep if I miss a game or practice to plug into my job

Back to the story— well after 25 years of being a nurse and working all the hours, my Mom decided to go for a job that paid her more. She knew she didn’t want to go back to school to be a Doctor, but wanted the opportunity to earn as much as one per se- to build her dreams and goals, and not feel stuck.

So she took a chance. She quit her nursing job to be a pharmaceutical device sales rep. It was scary, but she believed in herself. She had to go away for 6-weeks to pass a series of tests and IF she passed them she could then move into the job. But if she didn’t, they’d send her home and she’d be out of a job! Do you think she doubted that she would pass or not? Do you think she was scared of the risk but went for it anyways because she believed in herself? She knew the company could leave her high and dry if she didn’t pass, but she BELIEVED with every ounce in her bone. I am sure she felt bad leaving me at home for 6-weeks in 8th grade, but my Dad and I would figure it out (all of the other siblings were out of the house).

Fast forward, she passed those exams and got that job with flying colors. She quickly dove into that role, learning as she went and failing forward a lot. She juggled being on the road more, and working both at home and making hospital visits. She quickly went to the top of her company and began to earn a 6 figure income. Is that uncomfortable to share? No, because now I look back and am so proud! She wanted MORE. She wanted change. She believed. She didn’t give herself a plan B, a “what if” I don’t make it. She went ALL-IN. This is where I got it from. I learned and watched from the best.

When she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 4, her world got rocked. She still worked and still met her sales quota. She made her job work around her chemo and her sick days. She had ups and downs just like any disease but she kept fighting. She even won an award for her ability to come into the company so quickly and rise to the top with tenacity and heart. Her battle with cancer lasted about 4 years. On her last few days, she told me she “thought” she got fired from her job because she couldn’t get into her voicemail. She figured since she was missing work and in the hospital that they let her go without telling her. Well low and behold, after she passed away— I learned that her voicemail was TOO FULL with messages of love and support and that’s why she couldn’t get into her voicemail. Heartbreaking at the time, but it now makes me smile. They made an award with her name to honor other more rookie sales reps who come in strong, are amazing at what they do and touch people along the way. She sure left a legacy in her days as pediatric nurse, people would stop me and tell me how much they loved my Mom. She left a legacy in her company, she left a legacy in the heart of her children and everyone she came into contact with.

So people ask me, “Why are you a coach or what made you choose it vs. something else?” Yes I have a college degree. Yes I have 12 years in corporate america, yes I have fitness and personal training certifications. But you know what I wanted to do? I wanted MORE. I wanted to be there for my kids BUT also build an income I was in control over. I may not make 6 figures YET, but it’s on my dream board. I started with small goals- earn more than my fitness classes, then earn to pay the Target bill– I made little goals and worked to DO THEM. know I WILL get to those big goals now with consistency, time and tenacity. Right now I can pay our Target bill monthly, my kids’ activities, our vacations and have some extra money for me without feeling bad. How cool will it be when I can say I built this from 0 to 6-figures WITH my boys SEEING me do it? They get to come on some of my trips I earn, they see the work I do on my computer or phone- checking in with my team or my virtual clients. They understand why I workout in the basement every morning, and miss baseball for my yearly conference. I am not afraid of success as a woman. I’d like to be the to be the breadwinner someday (not that I NEED that), but how cool would it be to give our family more options to ALL be together someday? I won’t let Mom-guilt stop me from plugging into my work. I am not ashamed to say I want to build a legacy TOO! I am still there for my kids plenty! I will lean into the community of support that I get through coaching because it’s positive, uplifting and I am surrounded with other dreamers and doers too- they say you are like the 5 people you surround yourself with.

Here’s to being a Mom, and going after dreams and goals. No fears, no guilt, just hard-work and loving both my family and what I do!

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