Mind OVER Matter

Having a strong mindset is SO powerful in everything you do– especially your health journey.  Fifteen years ago, when I first began my health journey it all started with a choice– choosing that I wanted CHANGE more than I wanted to stay the same.  I was forty pounds up. I was anxious. I was stressed. I also had insomnia. The world felt lonely and at times heavy, post losing my Mom to cancer. I wasn’t taking care of ME but I was letting the things that were out of my control take over me.  So I started my journey- one day at a time. I began to exercise and use it as a stress-relief and a way to practice self-love. I had to love myself FIRST to become happy on the inside, and the rest would happen. I learned to be more mindful of my food choices, and to slow down on the extra desserts, servings and drinks that added up. Forty pounds later I found my passion for life again, my stress and anxiety decreased. My insomnia went away. I found ME again, and that self-love that I knew was inside.

It all started with my mind– that had to be FIRST. Now, as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Influencer I work with women all over the world on practicing self- love. But I teach them to start with their MIND. Our minds can play games on us– tell us are are not worth, we are not strong enough to do a 20-minute hard workout, that we can’t do a push-up on our toes ever, that we can’t lose weight, be strong, run a mile or be better. But our mind is LYING to us. We can’t listen to those negative voices. We have to say “I CAN” and “I WILL”. There is NO perfect in my book- it’s progress. We fail as we go- if we try one push-up on our toes and we fall on our face, we tried. Then we modify and do it on our knees until we can do ONE on our toes. We keep trying. Then it becomes two and three with consistency and practice. We get stronger and we say “I CAN” do it.

So do NOT doubt yourself for one minute on a goal you want to accomplish. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to work on you with all you have to give others you probably pour into them. You can pour into others BETTER and MORE if you are happy inside and out– taking care of YOU!

So Mind over matter– you’ve got this. Every goal, every journey begins with just getting that mind in the right place and believing in yourself! Then start and don’t look back, learning and failing forward as you go to a stronger and better YOU. The sky is the limit, nothing holds you back but yourself!

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