Saying NO means saying YES to YOU!

Fall is our busy season. You know, each family has “seasons” where they are more busy than others (typically, although for some it’s year round). Fall is ours, and again in Spring. In Fall, we have both boys in different sports, so every night of the week we are off to practice or a game. My husband travels and this year it is five trips within two months. Throw in a kiddo birthday, a handful of weekend commitments, relatives coming to town, a sickness, a contractor here in early Sept and it all adds up to be A LOT! You all can relate because we all have “seasons”.

One of my ways of handling all that life throws at me during this season (and really all seasons because it’s who I am and what’s important to me) is to make sure my health is a priority– mentally, physically and emotionally. What does this mean? It means the following are NOT an option to get moved off my priority list:

Daily Exercise (in the form of my at-home programs in my basement or maybe teaching Cycle or taking a run).


Eating clean (saving for some of my fav splurges like wine, So Delicious Cashew Ice Cream or Dark Chocolate and PB cups),

Sleeping 7-8 hours (yes I am OK with going upstairs at 10pm, or being the first one to leave a party on a weekend because if I don’t sleep everything goes downhill). I don’t sleep in. Mornings are the best part of my day. I get up and workout at 6am every day, 6:45 or 7 on Saturday. I am NOT an night-owl as I can’t sleep in. The only way I feel rested, recharged and able to tackle all that I do is if I sleep about 10:30-6.

ME Time (which may be a bath, a walk, catching a favorite show like “This is Us”). It’s easy to not have time for this, but I now carve out that time even if it’s 10 minutes).



I am a firm believe that we have to take care of ourselves to be able to go at mock 10 speed and give to everyone else. If my cup isn’t filled, nobody’s cup can be filled because I am empty.

Some weeks are tougher, and I may not be able to answer phone calls or touch base with friends but I know that when I come up for air I’ll be able to catch up and that everyone understands. I am making ME a priority, on top of my family and that’s what matters!

So, I am here to remind you that saying NO means saying YES to you. It’s ok if you don’t do your extra volunteering this busy season, or you say no to a dinner out, or you have to pass on an invitation on the weekend.

Sometimes when life is busy, we need to squeeze every second of time that we have to just feel centered and breathe so that we can keep up with the “season”. True friends will understand, and so will those that also are in tune with themselves enough to know that it’s important to take care of yourself when you are busy being there for everyone else!

So cheers to saying NO, and saying YES to you. Just like trees that are turning colors this season; they are changing and getting ready to let go of anything weighing them down. It’s ok for you to let go of anything weighing you down in your “season” so you can focus on the right things to keep up with it all and also maintain your own health & sanity!


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