Fit is a Mentality….not a size!


This weekend I had the honor of hearing Shaun T speak, his words have been sticking with me over the past few days.

One of the quotes he said was, “Being fit is a mentality, not a size.”

How often do we beat ourselves up by saying any of the following:

“I am not where I want to be.”

“I used to be better.”

“She is more fit than me.”

And the list goes on……

What if you just got to work– treating your body right by eating good, daily exercise? You would then feel good and have the energy to keep going. You’d feel less bloated. Your mental fog and lack of energy would lift. Endorphins post-workout would help you feel great about your day and what you did. Then you’d want to do it again.

Can you imagine how great you’d feel a few weeks down the road, or even months, and heck one year later? We need to take baby steps in the right direction and just focus on being strong mentally– telling ourselves we can do it: eating right, working out. The rest will happen.

I often beat myself up- I used to be better, how do I get back? What am I doing wrong? Instead I am reminded to just stay strong mentally- and focus on the doing. If I take that emotional baggage with me, the downward spiral will happen. If I am not happy inside or mentally strong, it shows up in my family, marriage, work, etc… that bad boy trickles into life!

So today, I am mentally strong. I am focusing on the doing! I will not beat myself up for what may have been better before. I will focus on the wins- I feel stronger now that I am doing more heavy lifting. When I physically feel strong, it helps me mentally feel strong. (they go hand-in-hand.) I feel the energy to take on big things! The rest will happen.

There is no size or shape that defines fit. Fit is having the mentality to work on you, day after day with the good and bad days. Not throwing in the towel for good. Staying the course, maybe adjusting and tweaking, yes having bumps but not completely going off the road.

The question is, will you remind yourself to do the same?




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