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Another year….

Each year I make ONE health/fitness goal. I like just ONE as I find I can stick to it. I used to make a list: eat better, lose weight, tone, flexibility but I found that was TOO overwhelming and then I didn’t focus on any one goal with intention.

This year my goal is to be STRONGER than last year. I am looking to continue my healthy lifestyle– but what does stronger actually mean? It means I would like to do a few more push-ups, break my one-mile tempo run record, be stronger emotionally, be stronger in my business, be a stronger leader, be a stronger Mom and wife.

Strength can come in so many ways, shapes and forms. So it may not mean I want bigger muscles- it just means stronger than the year past! I am going to continue to work on me, continue to inspire others to work on THEM regardless of where they are at and gracefully age.

Age is just a number. I do not feel 42 (although I do go to bed at 10:30 and wake-up at 5:45- LOL) but to me, you can make changes as you age. It’s a priority to me, it’s important to me– so I WILL make it happen. Years ago I would have said, “I have tried everything and I don’t know how to get there”. Now I know what it takes, if something isn’t quite working I adjust and experiment until it does. Then I move on to the next focus.

I am always a work in progress. There’s never perfection, just trying to be stronger than last year!



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