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Always Believe


Since we just had Father’s Day I was inspired to write a blog post about my dear Dad. You have heard me share a bit about my late mother, and all of the things she had taught me in our 21 years together and continues to teach me as an angel up above.

But this guy deserves a lot of credit too! He has been my #1 fan since the day I was born, and has supported me for 41 years. From him, I have learned:

*Always believe

-This motto started during Christmas time. He always asked if we believed in Santa, and if we didn’t then we wouldn’t receive. I am a FIRM believer in Santa to this day. This motto has carried forward into my health journey, and building my own business. If you don’t believe, it won’t happen. Never doubt. Don’t hold yourself back. It all starts with belief!

*You do your best; they will do the rest

-This is from our softball days together when my Dad coached. He would always tell me to do my best and the team would do the rest. It rings true today still. You can do your part and try your hardest and then the rest is up to others and is out of your control.

*Be nice to people, make friends- you never know when your paths will cross again or when you will need someone to lean on.

-My Dad is a jolly guy, one who makes friends easily and can talk to anyone. He has a contagious laugh and smile. He is easy to be around and is funny. People are naturally attracted to his sense of humor. He has taught me that no matter what, be nice to people and make a lot of friends and not to burn bridges. I told him he was the reason I was a bridesmaid 10 times, LOL. He was right though- you never know when you will need your friends, so it’s great to build relationships that are life-long and also not be afraid to meet new people. People make life interesting and fun. You never know where the conversation will go, or if you will run into them again!

Hats off to all the Dad’s out there who are excellent role models for us ladies. Sometimes Moms get a lot of the credit, and today I give my thanks to this guy who has taught me so much about life and perspective!



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