The Fixer Upper

My rental unit is where I have spent a lot of time in the past two weeks. I am turning it over for the next renter. Rooms needed panting, and I even re-painted the entire white trim on all doors, frames, closets, floorboards (bigger task than I had planned at first).

Re-painting ALL of the white trim, cabinets and doors felt like a big task when I first started. But, instead of thinking BIG picture and getting overwhelmed, I took it one door, closet, or frame at a time. When I was done it was nice to see everything bright and sparkly white- a fresh new look and start! I had wondered how I let it get so dingy, because that fresh-white paint made it feel so new and so bright!

We could compare that to our health journey. Starting seems daunting, we dread it, it may take forever, ugh the work is not FUN. We think we are not reaching our goals, but yet if we chip away little by little or day by day, we finally see/feel results! Then it makes all that work so worth it. We can’f focus on the OUTCOME, but the DOING. Once we get there, it feels so good to have a fresh new feel inside and out! Then we want to maintain that fresh paint so-to-speak, and not let it get so dirty, to save us time and energy, keep it good! So, why wouldn’t we do this to our bodies?

We sometimes need a fresh paint, or fixing up to get ready for longevity. If we fix our homes, clean our furnaces, tune up our cars why don’t we do the same to our bodies? Our cars have issues when we don’t replace the oil, or get new air in the tires. The engine needs tuning up. Our houses need fixing and maintaining!

So think about your body as it needing to be constantly maintained so it stays in good condition- you don’t want it to get too beat up as then there’s more work to do. It’s the one place WE LIVE IN! Why would we not want it to run efficiently (energy, sleep, less bloat, good digestion, food that fuels us, workouts that keep our hearts and minds healthy).

When you do the little things (painting or changing your health habits) you won’t need to start from scratch! But if you do start from scratch take it just one door-frame at a time and ease into it, just doing the work little by little because eventually that will add up to BIG changes. IMG_6712.JPG

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