Mom Perspective

Many a times, I have given the wrong grapes – one boy likes green and one likes red.

I have put the wrong sandwich in their lunches- one can’t have peanut butter at school and one can.

I have had to hold a kiddo down to put eye drops in their eyes and have been kicked and punched.

I had to perform toe surgery (kinda) and have my child scream bloody murder at me.

I have been told that the dinner I made is gross.

I have heard, “That’s not fair” more times than I can count.

I put things in the wrong place (Or I put them away so they can’t be found laying out on the floor- ha)! I don’t let them eat candy and ice cream every single time they ask. I say NO a lot! I make them eat their supper before they are excused. I ask them to do their homework or to get to bed on-time on school nights. I make them do chores or clean up after themselves. I make them take baths.

BUT what I do often goes unseen. I am their scheduler and organizer of activities and school. I get them to all their appointments. I make them three meals a day, do their laundry, get their groceries. I put their favorite snacks in their lunches and may even write a surprise note. I tell them I love them. I am their safe place. I talk with them when they are upset. I pray for their safety and health every night. I try to be a role model on how I treat others. I make them laugh. I compliment them and work on building confidence. I take them on fun adventures as that’s important to me– making memories and having time away from distractions. Quality family time!

Being MOM does not come with daily rewards, but they are there. I can let the little things that I don’t do right get me down. Or I can choose the mentality of “I’m a good Mom; I do my best.” I am a different kind of Mom, not one that overly snuggles or cries when she leaves them. I don’t play for hours. I may play for a bit and then move onto my own tasks. I don’t shed tears when I have to sell their baby cribs or give away their baby clothes. I am the Mom that’s excited for the next journey because it means growing into the next stage of FUN and learning. I may not be like others, but I am ME!

I am a good Mom. I try my hardest. I prefer to balance a lot of things at once- an at-home business as a health coach, a fitness instructor at two places, a landlord, CEO of our household and the list goes on. Mom is one title. I can only do so much. I am spread thin but Mom is at the top of my list for priorities. I have always wanted to be a Mom. I grew up with the most amazing Mom, who I lost when I was 21. It is my turn to pay it back and raise two boys to be independent, loving, caring, respectful and hard working.

I may not do it right a lot of times, but I am good. I am enough.

Never doubt that for a minute other Moms/Dads reading this. We put way too much pressure on ourselves or take things personally. We are doing the best we can, and if we personally in our hearts feel like we aren’t we just re-evaluate and make some tweaks! Parenting doesn’t come with a hand-book. We learn as we go. We need to appreciate who we are and just try our best in this crazy world of raising kids.


2 thoughts on “Mom Perspective

  1. I love this! Beau filled out one of those fill-in-the-blank sheets for Mother’s Day. One of the blanks was, “My mom always says…” He wrote, “You don’t need a toy.” LOL. But he also said, One thing my mom always does is…”snuggle me.” We do our best. You expressed it perfectly!


    1. That is cute— they do notice the good, even when we feel like we are always saying no! My card said “My mom is funny, fun and I love that she makes me dinner and takes care of me.” So, yes we do our best and it’s not the easiest thing but hopefully we are raising them to be good humans 🙂


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